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What We Do

As a Coach, I strive to:

  • Engage the client to develop an action-oriented process designed with the client’s personal goals in mind
  • Inspire, motivate, keep the process on track; build confidence, self-esteem and encourage the client’s further development of personal goals
  • Provide a listening post where problems, issues, blind spots and potential growth areas can be identified, solved or redirected
  • Provide a feedback rich environment where the client has the opportunity to engage in difficult conversations that are essential to the change process
  • Guide the client toward more effective performance as a person
  • Question the status quo and encourage the client to explore other scenarios and options aligned with the client’s goals
  • Assist the client to create short term solutions and strategies that serve the long term success
  • Suggest to the client other possibilities that are new, enriching and outside the client’s normal frame of reference
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